A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In a future where human life is of little importance, you find yourself the subject of unspeakable experiments.

With your body broken, your mind is uploaded to the nearest computer console; but what lies next from here?

Fight and destroy the bots that block your way.

Hack their bodies and use their abilities against them.  

Will you escape, or will you be Overridden?

  • 3 unique bot-types to hack into and control!
  • Use pick-ups to your advantage, or face the consequences!
  • Death is only the beginning.

Overridden is a student game, developed by a team of Games and Graphic Design students at SAE Creative Media Institute. We are Team Roguebot;

Anne Hibble - Programmer

Tyson Wetton - Programmer

Crystal Nugent - Game Designer, Level Designer, Visual effects.

Stephanie Nixon - Game Designer, Level Designer, Audio Designer

Erin Harris - Graphic Designer, Artist, Animator, Social Media Coord

 You can see more about Overridden by following us on Twitter @TRoguebot!


Overridden_1.0.3_Windows_x86_64.zip 34 MB
Overridden_1.0.3_Mac.zip 39 MB
Overridden_1.0.3_Linux_x86_64.zip 52 MB

Install instructions

Windows and Linux x64 tested, other builds have not been.


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Today I felt sad and tired, but then this game cheered me up. I enjoy kicking ass as a thicc robot with epic music